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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Small Town | song*ography ...

[Lexington, Virginia - not my small town, but one I like]

Well I was born in a small town 
And I live in a small town 
Probably die in a small town 

 Small Town | John Mellencamp 

fact is - I was born in a city over the mountain from my hometown
a small town
(one stoplight, everyone pretnear knew everyone ... the whole drill).
I've lived in a couple large cities, but made my way back to a small town
where I have raised my children (slightly larger than where I grew up - but still small);
and I'll likely die in a small town,
but I'd rather not think about that today.


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  1. You have created the peaceful feeling of a small town here, Nicki!
    The BW pumpkins are so soft and beautiful - I am also doing the 5 bw challenge at the moment - it suits the weather here ... It's all grey this week ;-)

  2. Oh this so much reminds me of the pen and inks my dad use to draw! Somehow that talent skipped over me :(. The pops of blue awnings really drive home the small town feel of the composition. Lovely. Thanks for joining in at Song-ography. Always a treat visiting here!

  3. love love love your hometown image! your processing treatment is so perfect!! love the sketch and the blue on the awnings ... perfect!

  4. What a lovely picture of what seems to be a perfect place to live.I fell in love with the smaller towns in the US, people were friendly and welcoming!

  5. Beautiful job with the photo edit - and I guess the good comes when we've found peace with ourselves wherever we are!

  6. Lovely photo edit! And the bit of humor there made me chuckle. Have a wonderful trip to Disney! When my kids were growing up, it was always fun (we live near Disneyland), then when just my husband and I go, we always have a ball. My dream is to take grandkids one day. Enjoy!

  7. Fabulous photograph, looks like a vintage post card.

  8. I love the edit on this image... really cool effect