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Monday, November 3, 2014

giving thanks | ...

Well, here we are at November.  Already.
A month that affords us the greatest power in the land, to vote and have a say in our leadership. 
A month highlighted on every calendar marking the first extended holiday from work/school since well ... forever. 
A month the fortunate get to spend with family and the insane partake in Black Friday.
A month that for many of us, takes us from cooler days/nights to COLDER days/nights.
A month that spells the end of candy and hello to turkey.
(only to go back to sweets, then hello to turkey/ham - we are nothing if not consistent). 

 So, Good(bye) Autumn:

Some RANDOM thoughts on the passing of time:

and lest we forget last weekend's FUN:

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  1. love, love, love those leaves!! here at the jersey shore, november still = autumn!!!!

  2. I never tire of seeing images of leaves, especially where the veins pop so clearly. Love that image!