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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

song*ography | karaoke style ...

This week there is no particular song - Kathy has left us to our own devices 
(like turning a kid loose in a candy shop)

So what did I pick:

as sung by Debby Boone 

and again, 
 and again
(x gazillion) 
a song that was the 1977 Grammy Song of the Year 
that the mere mention of even 30+ years later brings back the melody like a throbbing headache 

 so why when given endless choices did I pick it - 
 (1) I noticed a certain theme among my Disney pictures --- lights! 
(2) If you lived during the '70s, I challenge you look to look at a series of light pictures and not hear this melody.

And you light up my life.

You give me hope to carry on. 

You light up my days

and fill my nights with song.

cause you,
you light up my



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  1. And....forget the great light shots....Disney REALLY does light up our lives!!

  2. Oh, thanks....NOT! Now I have that song stuck in my head. lol.. You described it perfectly both with words and pictures.

  3. So fun! I LOVE Disney! I'm fighting hard not to have this song stuck in my head now -- ha ha! I actually got to meet Debbie Boone and work with her and a group of children in a production. She was very nice and gracious and patient with all the little ones. She had this big hit song and then faded away, but I do have that great memory of her.

    1. Sharon - the sad thing is, I think she was (is) a very sweet young lady, it is just they played that song into the ground, dredged it up and beat it back down again. In all my years, I can barely think of another tune that got soooo much air time. But never any doubt she was a nice young lady.

  4. Oh my what a GREAT Halloween costume


  5. I like the first one especially :)

  6. OMG! It's gonna be like a brain worm now....repeating in my head. Curse you Debbie Boone! haha. I took my youngest to Disney for Halloween one year...what a treat (and a few tricks). Thanks for joining in at Song-ography.