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Monday, November 24, 2014

iPhone weekend | ...

It was one of those weekends when if it happened, it was lucky to be captured on the ole cell phone camera. 


Another tell-tell sign Christmas is near:
 the Christmas cactus bloomed. 


Painted the down-stairs bathroom - finally. I've been saying I needed to do this for way (waaaay) too long. I'd like to think it was all random, but the consensus is that I can not be turned loose in the paint department or everything will be in buttermilk/alabaster/pale yellow. I can't help myself - I tried to venture out, but both the husband and son walked in and said "looks the same!". Ugh! 


Halos / clementines - fun to eat because they are so easy to peel.

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  1. So excited it's citrus season! Yay for new paint colors!

  2. You and I would do well in a paint store together.

  3. Always feels so good when the painting is finished. 😊 Enjoy!

  4. I need to paint our downstairs bathroom too. That will have to wait until after Christmas.