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Saturday, November 22, 2014

the more things change ...

the more they stay the same

another find in the spare room closet clean-up; 
a picture of  Cinderella's Castle at Disney World from my parents' photo collection 
and one that appears to have happened in possibly the mid to late '70s.

I tried to find one from more recent years but could only locate this one from our 2011 visit taken approximately on the same side but at a slightly different vantage point.

One of the beauties of Disney is not the 'latest' and 'greatest', but that which has stood the test of time and remains for kids who are now parents to share with their kids who will hopefully one day share with their kids.
Change is good, but hopefully in doing so we don't throw away all the wonderful experiences that came before.
The troll ride, Maelstrom / Norway will be sadly missed; not only was it among my favorites when I was a child, it was one my children looked forward to riding when they were children.  I'm not so sure the whole "Frozen" phenom will endure the years quite as well.
(as much as I enjoy Idina Menzel, I am so ready to "let it go"!)

[July 2014]


  1. It's so much fun to be in Disneyworld. We have a picture of the real fairy tale castle from Bavaria.

  2. I have only been to Disneyland.. But one day I hope to make it to Disney-world.. Great photos my friend.


  3. I wish all the rides stayed the same at Disney. It is nostalgia that keeps me going back and the fact that everybody is happy there.