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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

pinch me | song*ography

it's like a dream

you try to remember 
but it's gone

pinch me 
cos I'm still asleep

{perhaps comparing notes on how to cut hair}

"Pinch Me" 
Barenaked Ladies 


 In the course of cleaning out the spare room I ran across old family photo albums.
Images of times so distant it is almost as if they never happened.
Sometimes I ponder: "is that an actual memory, or simply recall from a photograph?"
Akin to when the contents of a dream sticks with you so strongly that you start to question:
"did it really happy, or did I just dream it?"
But some things are vivid - there is no doubt. 

For example the bad hair cuts.
I remember as if it were yesterday not wanting to come out from the bedroom for picture day when mom had this brilliant idea to 'pin-curl' our hair.  
Forget the Shirley Temple Curly Club - my sister and I were ready for Soul Train.
And the chopped bangs 
- for the love of ... 
why all the chopped bangs?

Why is it every young mother suddenly thinks she can cut hair with no formal training.
Is it the residuals from pushing so hard during childbirth?
News Flash:
You Can't!
Put down the scissors.  
My mom did it.  I did it.  
I pray my children don't turn around and short-bang their offspring.

 So, none of the hair stuff had anything to do with the lyrics of this song
- which I might add, has a set of lyrics that go all over the place ...
but I thought I'd share.


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  1. Cute photos! Yup, my mom cut my bangs too, badly!

  2. My mom used to cut my bangs! I will never give a daughter of mine those!!

  3. Those smiles of the past are very beautiful!

  4. Oh my, your hair story is similar to mine. My mother took me to get a perm and the neighbors were asking if they took in a little colored kid (remember now that was the 50's). They couldn't even tell I was a girl. I used to get the one inch bangs and they were curved like a semi-circle; she called them carousel bangs. I used to cry all the way to school.
    I think all your photos are great for this week's Song-ography. Have a great week.

  5. Those are great images and memories! My mom never cut my hair, but she did take me to get horrible hair cuts. I don't know how it was that she took me somewhere, paid money for it, and let me leave looking like that. *sigh* Bless her heart.

    Jen - Pierced Wonderings

  6. There are few things that I like more than discovering 'long lost' photos! Each shot tells a story - or part of our story!! Great take (on the song that went all over the place!!)

  7. Photos can be so nostalgic!

  8. What a treasure you came across with these old photographs. And yes my mother cut, I cut and unfortunately my daughter has cut….I think it's just a mom thing…..

  9. Great photos and what amazing memories


  10. LOL ... great photos!
    Why did most of us have to suffer with extremely short bangs!!!! LOL!!!