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Monday, November 10, 2014

the GOOD the RANDOM the FUN ...

the GOOD ...

We've had a very good and beautiful Autumn 
 (not like those others that come and go in a flash) 

 the RANDOM ...

little random things that caught my eye on my walk last Monday 

 the FUN ...

A beautiful day with just me, my occasional friend Time, and my ole buddy camera.
the three of us make a good team.

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  1. Your autumn sounds and looks pretty perfect to me!

  2. I was outside a WHOLE lot this weekend - and off my computer! Me, time and camera had a wonderful time as well! I stood, often, under many huge trees and just looked up. The wonder of it. ....and don't get me started on the milkweed!!! So glad you had {and took} the time for you!

  3. It has been a gorgeous fall! Love the picture looking through the leaves!

  4. A Lovely Fall indeed! Looks like the last tree still has more color to display. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  5. Beautiful fall! Snow hit today and I'm already missing the fall weather.

  6. Wow - what a tree, spreading it's branches to have its portrait taken. Long falls are the best!

  7. You still have some lovely fall finds. I seem to only see brown here.
    Great shot of the tree. You should take it in every season. It would make a lovely series.

  8. Lovely shots. I like the flower that has gone all cottony and to seeds. I love those kinds of walks. Thanks for coming by Sanukipity and leaving the kind words.