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Monday, December 15, 2014

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When I think of fruit around the holidays I am reminded of the movie "Little Women" where the youngest was thrilled to get lemons at school and held the orange from her Christmas stocking like it was gold.  We sometimes forget how good we have it - fresh fruit and vegetables readily available and at a cost bearable in most instances. (my daughter found this not to be the case in Japan - an apple, as in 1 apple - $3.00.  Not oppressive, but certainly steep by comparison to $.99 - $1.29/pound at Kroger).


For some unexplained reason, I have a set of mouse Christmas ornaments.
Each year I hang them from a cat mirror and pretend it was all part of the plan.


Before there was "Elf on the Shelf" there was this guy.  This dude has been around since I was a young child and considering he is perched on the tree yet again, I am sure he has seen his fair share of fun. 

The first image was edited with Topaz Adjust Impressions Cezanne,
the other second and third were accented with textures from the generous and talented Kim Klassen.

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  1. We have mouse ornaments too that I have no idea how we got but have had our whole married life. I doubt I will be passing those on to Mallory since she is deathly afraid of mice.

  2. I love that scene in Little Women!!

  3. Somewhere amongst all the old ornaments in this house is an elf much like yours. We don't get them out these days, but it would be fun to rummage around in there again. Love your mouse ornament and the photo of the pears!

  4. I think you are so correct that we often forget how good we have it!

  5. One of the things I really enjoy and appreciate when we head west in the summer are fresh fruits at really good prices. Tropical fruits are great here, of course, but the imported fruits cost a lot more compared to over there.