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Saturday, December 13, 2014

one down ...

one to go ...

Kiddo #2 is home from college, his first semester of "the real world" under his belt and (hopefully) a little wiser for it. A markedly different experience than with kiddo #1, as has been the way from the get-go between the two.
How, pray tell, did my parents do it 4 times and live to tell about it?
How did all 4 of us kids live to tell about it?

  Honestly if we manage to get them both through college I am going to do the happy dance all the way to the car following their commencement ceremonies.
Speaking of which - we have already booked hotel for our daughter's commencement week.

Have I mentioned already how fast time flies?
Why it seems like just yesterday the kids picked out Mickey Mouse bell ornaments for the tree.


  1. Time does fly .... sometimes too quickly. By the way, those purple bells are awesome.
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  2. Time flies-my dad always told me the older get the faster time flies-of course when you're 13 you have all the time in the world! Love this shot. Enjoy the kiddos. Xo

  3. Time does fly!! Enjoy having them home!

  4. I booked our hotel for Mallory's graduation back in June. The town where she goes to school is not very big and there are no other towns nearby to help with the large amount of parents and grandparents that invade the town. I am sure that you like I am ready for our girls to be done.

    1. Sarah - with all the colleges in and around Boston we were concerned that if we put it off any longer (despite there being a considerable number of hotels) that we would be bidding against every other family of a college graduate. As for being ready for all this to be done, I am torn - it truly seems like only yesterday that she started at Wellesley and it has been a good fit for her - challenging and yet right up her alley. I must confess, I have hit a comfort level with her being there - it has become our new "routine" - but just as we adjusted to that, we will adjust to the next stage.

  5. The joy and anticipation must be overwhelming ! Merry Christmas.