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Monday, December 8, 2014

champion weekend | ...


 Marshall won their first Conference USA championship despite themselves, poor officiating, and nasty weather.
I am currently wearing the scarlet letter of fan shame
because I retreated to the car at the beginning of the second half of the game.
Despite my husband's optimistic weather forecast, the rain wasn't letting up and I could no longer feel my toes. 
 Wet and Cold -
this old body is no longer built for that kind of endurance.   


Ike has treated the tree with a little more respect this year, 
or at least he has when I'm in the room. 
(honestly, provided I don't come home to a downed tree, that is good enough for me)


I'm not a huge fan of office parties;
generally speaking, they are more often than not much-ado-about ...
making small talk with those you barely squeak out a 'hello' to on a good day; 
the awkward conversation with that guy you have no idea who he is
("yes, it is so great to see you again"  ....... have we EVER met?);
talking with your comrades over music you would normally lecture your teenage child to "turn it down!";
trying hard to not roll your eyes at the 'over-the-top' behavior of some;
that office comedian who shouldn't give up their day job quite yet;
and don't get me started on the crowd that takes on an open bar like it is a challenge.

But the food
especially the simple cookies following an opulent meal
now that is fun.

I'm a fan of simple!

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  1. Enjoyed your good, random fun today, Nicki...congrats on the game. I'll bet it's fun to watch Ike bat at the ornaments. And I'm with you on simple. Office parties are not the best, ordinarily, and people aren't at their best.Have a great Monday!

  2. Go Marshall! For college ball I become an Oregon Ducks fan (-:

  3. Oh office parties...glad they are a thing of my past life. My daughter and son-in-law's school won the MAC championship (Northern Illlinois Univer), she is the Pom Coach, he is the Gymnastic Coach) so off they go to another bowl game on Dec 23rd. Hopefully they will be back in time for Christmas Eve. Last year they were away on Christmas Day...ugh!! I am glad when they win, I just don't like it to interfere with family Christmas. Happy Monday!

  4. Deanna- guess who your daughter and son-in-law's school is playing in the bowl game ... MARSHALL. (a/k/a - us!) :)

  5. Congratulations on the championship. :) Some office parties are okay and can be quite fun, but yes, it depends on the company, I guess.