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Friday, December 5, 2014

hear them ring ...

I got an early Christmas gift from my husband, a new Sigma 18-250 lens. 
This is the first time I have tried Sigma and figuring out the 'sweet spot' on this one is proving to be a little challenging, (combination of camera, lens, and user).  I hesitated to open it, but my husband pointed out that if there was anything wrong with it, it would be better to find out now rather than Christmas morning. Reality - if left to him there would be no packages under the tree. It is as exciting for him as it is for us to get the parcel. So, why wait for Christmas.  
Sometimes it is so hard to be the only grown-up in the house. 
(I'm sure he feels that way most of the time as well)


  1. Nice gift, for sure. Great picture, so it's doing well.

  2. Beautiful shot - so warm and antiquey-christmassy! We're the only two as well...hubby is already well on the way to mastering the iPad. The trick will be to keep him off of it on Christmas morning ;-)

  3. Oh sweet, a new lens. How fun. I too have had a little problem with finding the "sweet spot" in my Tamron 16-300 lens, and you are right, it's probably that combo of me and it!! Love that rust!!

  4. I used an 18-250 Sony for many years and loved it. I think I may "need" a bigger zoom for the new camera. However, I'm still learning the 2 lenses I have. The old bells are great.

  5. What a lovely gift. I am sure you will have it all figured out soon enough. This will be the first year that I am not getting any photography stuff for Christmas, but there isn't really anything I need.

  6. Oh how fun! I have had a bit of a challenge consistently finding the sweet spot on my Tamron 70-300. Some are sharp as a tack, while other photos are soft. I wish I had a 500mm lens....someday????

  7. What a lovely gift and a Sigma is really perfect, a favourite!
    Great picture too...
    Have a nice evening, take care!

  8. oohhhhh how exciting!! I got a macro lens for my birthday in September and have yet to try it out. I have just been so busy and I want to take my time with it.....or perhaps I am a lil intimated!!!!

  9. Let me know how you're liking the Sigma lens so far. I think it's really sweet of your husband to be all excited for you to open the parcel and use the lens right away. :)

    1. I am liking it more with practice.

  10. This is a nice picture, I'm sure your new lens is good! I've got a new one from my husband for my birthday and I knew he was going to buy it for me, but sometimes I wish I'd be a kid again and have the surprise by opening the gift :-)