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Monday, January 19, 2015

Good.Random.Fun | retail edition ...

the GOOD

needed a black purse, found a black purse 

we successfully found some interview outfits for Allyson 
in an uncommonly peaceful shopping excursion. 
So it's all good!


Earlier in the week I noticed signs announcing a soap-opera star would be at the mall on Saturday to 'meet and greet'. 

Personally I didn't think anyone was still watching soap operas (thought that was what "reality TV" was for); so imagine how surprised I was to see the massive crowd lined up to get the autograph of a male actor from The Young & The Restless.  This was near the end of the time he was there to sign and the line still circled halfway back through the mall.  Crazy! 
(and perhaps not as Random as I think)

 the FUN

I'm really enjoying Pentatonix - picked up a couple more of their songs (I guess technically, covers of other people's songs). So fun to fill the playlist with new tunes. 


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  1. Yay for a successful shopping experience!! Is Allyson looking outside of Boston for jobs or wherever she finds the perfect gig is where she will go?

    1. She has an interview to return to Japan and is otherwise looking both in the Boston area as well as Columbus, Ohio and Washington, DC. I suspect in the end it will be where she finds the right offer. (so hard for college graduates any more)

  2. LOVE the Pentatonix! Want to pick one of their covers for a Song-ography. Stay tuned :)

  3. Nice purse, but too big for me. I like the smaller ones. But always nice to be successful shopping. I turned on Days of Our Lives the other day when I was resting from a head cold. Used to watch it years ago, but was almost sickened by the story line. Ugh! And I am a huge Pentatonix fan. Enjoyed your GRF, Nicki.

    1. Linda , this is actually the small version of the larger one - not too big, not too small -- so Goldilocks just right!

  4. nice purse and I love adding to my iTunes, they keep me moving everyday!!!!

  5. Well, these are definitely fun! I love your new black purse! I don't know about you, but for me, a purse is a relationship commitment. I only replace it when the old one is falling apart. I hate transferring stuff from one purse to another, so my purse has to do everything I want it to do and it takes me forever to find the perfect one. I have never been able to get into soap operas, ever. The plots of these soaps, run forever and ever, and make me want to reach into the TV screen and slap the characters silly. They never seem to learn from their mistakes. I guess if they did, the show would be over. But that would be a series I could get behind - one with closure.

  6. Glad your retail therapy went well! In high school I was all about the soaps. Makes me laugh today to think how I fretted to miss an episode. So not me today.

  7. That's what I was waiting to hear-that the shopping was a success.

  8. I remember watching soap operas in high school and the early years of marriage. I too am surprised they still exist. But how sad that the actors are now having to go to shopping malls to make appearances.

  9. I need a new purse...that one looks perfect!

    I think we all need to move past soap operas...

  10. Sounds like the shopping trip was a success for both of you; love that purse..