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Monday, January 26, 2015

Good.Random.Fun | winter wonderland edition ...

the GOOD

Good morning, Good grief. Good riddance. 
Winter came and went in one day. 
 Been nice if it had picked another day - but we don't always get what we want.

   the RANDOM

One of the neighbors mentioned she had spotted a large bird/eagle/owl, she wasn't sure what it was, only that it was big and swooped down and grabbed something and flew away. I'm thinking it was this plump little hawk hanging out in one of the trees. 

 the FUN

I adopted this from the 'last call' bin at the grocer Friday evening. Inspired by Linda at It's All About Purple  I figured it might be fun to give it a go with an orchid (again).


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  1. Nicki, love the pictures. The snow looks cold, enough, but the hawk really looks cold, all fluffed up. Good luck with the orchid.

  2. Your first shot is so lovely and peaceful. Unlike what it is around here with our impending Snowmageddon baring down on us. People are crazzzzzzy! And with that?....gonna go buy more eggs, milk and bread. BEcause apparently everyone eats French Toast when it snows?????

  3. It's about to get real snowy up in here!!
    Love the orchid!

  4. I love the winter wonderland image. And the hawk (?) adds a nice touch of color. What part of the country are you from? It is good your daughter will get back to Boston before it gets whammed with this next storm. It is already snowing here in PA.

  5. Beautiful shots. That purple is wonderfully deep!

    Thanks for the tips about Lightroom. I am not on the cloud.

  6. We had a hawk that would hunt in our yard where I lived a decade or so ago. That purple is stunning.

  7. I love that first shot. The way the branches seem to crawl across the photo. :)

  8. I love the shots of snow! I know I'm crazy, but I'm kind of jealous of all the snow the east coast is getting. Our last blizzard led to much neighborly love as everyone helped to dig each other out....
    A purple orchid - so lovely! Have a great week, Nicki!

  9. WOW!! Such awesome photos..


  10. Those snowy branches! Love them. Wish I had them.