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Saturday, January 31, 2015

saturday in the park | got game ...

During a recent to Huntington to visit with kiddo #2, 
we took advantage of a day of no classes, sunshine, and the gorgeous park.  

I could easily live here ...
honestly - any of those houses will do!


The dog did not belong to anyone in this group, not that it mattered.
He had a ball.
They had arms with which to throw a ball.
A game was to be had
and any conversation of who owns who was moot.
Throw ball.  Fetch ball.
Got game!

This park has grown even more family and pet friendly over the years - a tribute to the city.


  1. What a pretty park!
    Reminds me of areas neat University of Chicago where my sister went!

    1. It does - I've never made that connection. Univ. of Chicago was the strongest contender to where Allyson would pick to go to school and we all fell in love with the location during the visit.

  2. That neighborhood reminds me of 7th Avenue in Denver. I like walking there and enjoying the landscapes.

  3. Looks like a great place. I would take any of those houses too.