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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

song*ography | this is the new year ...

[2014 November walk in the park]

another year you made a promise 
another chance to turn it all around 
and do not save this for tomorrow 
embrace the past and you can live for now 

 [This is the New Year / A Great Big World]

[2015 January walk in the park]

The older I get the more I want to hold onto the past - in hindsight yesterday seems so much simpler.
REALITY:  It wasn't.  
We are quick to forget the anxiety of making new friends at school, learning to drive, leaving home for work/college, finding a place to live, hoping he/she is the one.  Then children (or not).  Oy!
Time has a way of softening the blow.
So while I embrace my past
I am reminded to let it go
otherwise I have wasted today and that would make for poor reflection tomorrow.

Seasons come and seasons go,
a million suns at least,
and I am fortunate to have been, and continue to be, surrounded by those who love and challenge me,
and that is definitely worth living for.


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  1. Love this! Hope the new year is off to a solid start.

  2. wonderful post ... I just love new beginnings and a New Year. I love how you remind us to let go of our past, so as not to weigh us down in this new year.

  3. Very nice. I find that the older I get the more I am able to balance the past and what lies ahead with the present in my life.

  4. I love the positive attitude of your writing today. Thanks for sharing your words and pictures.

  5. I guess that is one reason why they say hindsight is 20/20. Everything seems so confused and difficult at the time...but given the years and the maturity that comes (hopefully!) we realize the past wasn't all that murky after all. Probably why I romanticize the past too. Altho seriously...I'd take the stamina, wrinkle-free, smaller size again in a heartbeat! haha. Thanks for joining in at Song-ography and linking up! Happy New Year to you!

  6. I'd also take th ewrinkle free smaller me, but life isn't like that so I will (try) to embrace what I am.

  7. What a great way to greet the new year. Beautiful post.

  8. I love that "Time has a way of softening the blow" so perfect! So true!

  9. So very true about giving up the past. Seasons of life....

  10. Hi Nicki,
    Your post talks to me .., love your reflections and authenticity ~ your words describe life & living simply and beautifully ... As it is.
    And your photos ... Showing the same spot yet not the same since time has passed ... Thank you for this post!

  11. Wonderful pictures, I like this tree, dressed and naked!

  12. Ooohhhhhhh-great post Nicki. Love that tree in different seasons!!

  13. I had to go back and look, I was pretty sure it was the same tree, but it looked so much bigger without the leaves (how is that even possible?) We have so many live Oak trees that only lose their (not so beautiful) leaves in the spring as the new ones come in. When I finally found a tree with changing colored leaves, I had to have someone drag me from it.

  14. I love your series of tree images reflecting the changing times. No, it is not good to live in the past, but do remember the sweet thoughts and bury the bad. I tend to live one day at a time, because ya just never know what is right around the corner.

  15. Thought-provoking post with beautiful images of the tree. The bare branches intrigue me. This makes me hope you will be showing us this tree in a few months with new, bright green leaves again!

  16. Somehow I like the tree with bare branches without the leaves. It is tougher when we get older, in the mind set of whats coming next ...

  17. So very true, although I never have an urge to return to school days, they were fairly unhappy times for me