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Monday, January 5, 2015

Good.Random.Fun | a new year ...

the GOOD

Saturday was a very good day to venture outside, 
you could even say it was unseasonably good. 


some rocks positioned on the horse feed well at the riding circle thingie at the park. 
(don't ask 'cause I don't know what this area is 'officially' called, only that it isn't the pond/baseball/soccer/hiking/picnicking/tennis/amphitheater part of the park)

 the FUN

It was perfect for walking the dog 
(or in some instances, the dog walking the human).


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  1. As wonderful as my long weekend was....I didn't get outside with my camera. I'll blame the weather - but I could have made it happen.... Love these shots - they take me on your walk and I know how wonderful that time feels!!

  2. I'll be happier when warmer weather arrives and the wind dies down.

  3. brilliant! Except for the dog it looks as if we were both doing almost the same things...

  4. I love that beautiful field. Here's hoping for more of such days. Rebecca

  5. Love those rocks. I need some outside time with my camera!

  6. No matter how fast I walk, my dog pulls me along. Frustrating!

  7. I'm loving the textures you have in those first two photos!

    Today we finally see the sun, so I am going to bring out my big-girl camera and lug it around some...

  8. I love those unexpected great winter days! Looks like it was a balm to you!

  9. Yes, wonderful pictures, I love the first !!

  10. Awesome post..I also like the gray days as well as the sunny bright days of winter..Winter is my fav season, lol..Love the first pic