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Sunday, January 4, 2015

you call this winter ...

This holiday/winter break has in theory had both children home from school, a joy to any mother's heart. Only thing is, they have barely been around. This is all fine and good because they are getting quality time with friends; something I failed to do when I was their age. Something I encourage and support. The problem arises when I look at the calendar and observe that weeks have turned into days before their return.

At a loss for family plans due to unknown availability of child/young adult/kiddos,
I did what I pledged in this new/renewed mental health awareness resolution;
rather get lost in the process of putting my days on hold until 'they' decided what they are going to do,
I would instead do something for 'moi'. 
 I went for a walk at the city park.

I headed out with camera, arsenal of lenses, Northface and gloves,
ready to revisit the landscape I had photographed earlier in the Fall.
I parked, exited the car, and immediately dispensed with the winter gear.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining; 
but you call this winter?

Perhaps Mother Nature has put her plans on hold, waiting to see what her children want to do.


  1. hehehe, oh boy, do I feel ya!!!! I loved having them home but as they get older, it is almost difficult. our idea of a fun day, doesn't even come close to theirs. my boys are 31 and 32 now, most of that has come a full 360, back to mom and dad time, but not everything. I find they love me more, when they have girlfriends. both are in serious relationships so they don't want the girls to know that they would do anything that would upset mom.

    I'm glad you went for a walk, your images are so pretty. it's 60 degrees here today at the jersey shore, but raining so I made it an inside day and I am enjoying it!!!!!!

  2. It has been a strange winter here too. Your photos are lovely and I like the post processing as well.

  3. I so want winter. I landed back to frigid temps and eventual snow last night - today warm and rainy. Weird!

  4. drats I left a comment and it disappeared....trying again. Yes, it is nice to have the kiddos home even if they are not with you all the time. I hate to break this to you but in a blink of an eye they will be all grown up and on their own and when they come home it will be a visit. Oh that was a downer, sorry!! I do love your processing on your walk in the unwinter like park. We had our first significant snow today and now comes the frigid temps. Like the snow, not the frigid temps!!

  5. We are just now feeling winter in Texas, but we still have lots of green on some of our outside plants. But no complaint here...I used to live in snow country.

  6. Nicki: Truly and sincerely, if I could send you our winter weather, I'd do it lickety split. Yuk! I so loathe this weather! I know what you mean about the kids leaving much too soon. They drive us nuts when they are with us and we miss them like crazy when they are gone. I'm going back to work tomorrow without once having sat down to reflect, or meditate. I don't feel a bit wiser about my life either. It's still all about the kids.

  7. Well hello there! We finally got some snow here last night. No snow for Christmas just frigid temps ;) Thought about you the other day and thought I should pop in and say hi!

    1. Hi Yolanda, I hope things are well with you and your family. So nice of you to think of me and to stop by. Happy New Years!

  8. These are gorgeous Nicki! And I am ok with this little winter, although it has found us this weekend :( And good for you to do something for yourself.

  9. Love these captures, Nicki! And guess what - Winter just arrived - at least here in the midwest!