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Monday, February 23, 2015

Good.Random.Fun | as in ...

the GOOD ...

as in "good grief'!";

 as in 'not good' for the heat pump or water pipes

as in "oy!"

  the RANDOM ...

as in stuff that catches your eye as you pass the window;

as in what possesses you to shoot from the camera upload to the computer, e-mail to the iphone, edit,
e-mail back to the computer, versus just shooting from the phone to start with;

as in visualizing something more than what initially caught your eye.

 the FUN ...

as in when you are stuck inside and binge watch Empire;

as in what you find when you clean out the kitchen cabinets;

as in when you do both!


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  1. Oo love the spinning top! Seriously, these temps!!

  2. I don't even want to think about how cold that wind must have been, Tamar. Ugh! That snow blowing and the temperature guage would also drive me to playing with a cute top.

  3. I do like that second shot aand that is a pretty top. Laughed at your complicated editing workflow.:)

  4. perfect images for the three words!!! you have quite the procedure for editing!!!

    1. Debbie - I don't generally do this - but on this particular image, there was an app I wanted to try on it.