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Sunday, February 22, 2015

PROUD | life lessons ...

I have a love/hate relationship with snow.
Even when it is the last thing I want to see
I find myself getting flutters of excitement at the first sign of swirling white flakes. 
That momentary flash of childhood innocence that sees only the beauty and none of the tribulations.

But "momentary" is the key word because after days of being housebound I have to get out.
(a recluse I'm not.)

My husband and I had no more than celebrated our liberation into the real world when Mother Nature bestowed upon us more snow making our return home a slow and humbling one.
 Not a fan.
Over the course of traversing the (less than stellar) plowed roads I mentally reminded myself to pump the brakes, keep plenty of room between me and the car in front of me, and resist the urge to stop or speed up but instead keep a steady pace.  Echos of impromptu driving lessons from my dad.  Parcels of information initially shared while I was still a backseat passenger in the car and refreshed when I came of driving age.
Practical and spontaneous,
as was his approach to parenting and parlaying life lessons in general. 

 The eldest of four children, dad's formative years were as the world struggled to recover from the depression; a generation that addressed the atrocities of WWII first hand. Pictures of him as a young man hinted of a dashing but cocky lad, belying the reality that he was better suited to stay the course, keep to the grindstone, and remain true to what really mattered, family. He commenced on adulthood by quitting school to join the Navy to help support his family and then work in the garage at a local dealership. What he didn't anticipate was meeting a stunning and brilliant brunette who would forever push him outside his comfort zone and convince him he was capable of so much more. He was a man of few words,  (aside from when he was spinning a yarn), who remained modest notwithstanding his success. He was a big advocate of leading by example and to illustrate to us children how proud he was that we had gone to college,
got his GED.

I have so many characteristics of my mom, {outspoken, loud, and (perhaps) a bit bossy};
but I associate strongly with my father's affinity to stay the course, keep to the grindstone,
and be true to what matters, family.
His spontaneous and practical approach to life lessons continue to influence me to this day
(not that he was a placid man, but he was the calm to mom's storm).
I often share how proud I am of my children,
but I am also very proud to have been raised by two singularly different,
yet fundamentally similar people;
the composite of their personalities making me the parent I am today.


  1. What great old pictures and memories.
    It snowed more last night - at this point, we check the roads and go "eh let's go out!" (-:

  2. When I notice something I do that reminds me soooo much of my dad, it makes my heart smile. Granted, I never USE to have that reaction growing up! haha. But now? It makes me realize my dad lives on and is still a part of my daily life. I kinda love that :). And isn't THAT the definition of a life well lived with purpose!

  3. Pretty images!! I too am developing a love/hate relationship with the snow but I hate to admit it!! I don't mind being house bound and I enjoy photographing the snow!!

  4. You all have certainly had your share of fluff. And that with a bit of family tidbits. thanks for sharing Nicki.

  5. Great tribute to your dad. Maybe men of that generation where raised that way, he sounds very much like my dad, quiet with an amazing work ethic.