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Thursday, February 12, 2015

little things thursday | shades of love ...

Love is in the air.

When I think love, I see shades of reds and purples.
Colors that defy the bland and impartial hues from outside
and are instead resplendent with vitality and grandeur.

Shades that are anything but objective, neutral, or indifferent.

I remember the day mom went to the jeweler to look for a birthstone ring for my sister.  I don't recall much of the initial conversation, distracting myself with cabinet shopping, daydreaming of what it'd be like to be bejeweled with all the diamonds and gems they held. But when Mr. Bond's tone took on a higher pitch of excitement, my attention was immediately redirected back to why we were there.  I remember him exclaiming he had exactly what she was looking for, and with as much speed as his short legs could take him, he quickly retrieving a special parcel from the back vault.  "A treasure" as he described it.  No sooner had he cracked open the tiny box that everyone in the store exhaled with one collective "awww!".  Even an untrained eye could appreciate the unique and special design with it's intricate details only made grander by the large and richly purple stone.  Mom got so giddy you would have thought it was the Hope Diamond, which at the time I thought rather silly given her usual straight-forward demeanor.

Years and a couple of kids later
this would make perfect sense.
As events turned out, my first born held out until the 11th hour before making her appearance - sliding heels first into the amethyst birthstone family along with my sister, and just days before mom's birthday, sitting her pretty in the same zodiac sign.
What a lethal combination.
Perhaps it is as much from my years around my mom and sister, and then my daughter
to where I don't just see these colors,
I feel them,
I react to them.
strong, emotional, passionate.

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  1. What stunning pictures! This was so beautiful to read.

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    Happy Weekend coming to you,
    artmusedog and carol

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