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Friday, February 27, 2015

Random 5 | Birthday ...

Oh what joy - 
Nancy's back with Random 5 on Friday 
and today my girl turns 22 
(8:13 am to be exact at not at 12:01 a.m. when she texted me - not to say 22 years ago she wasn't letting me know at 12:01 a.m. on February 27th she was about to make an appearance ... cause she did ... every so many minutes and counting !!!). 

 So Welcome back Nancy 
and Happy (happy) Birthday to my beautiful Allyson. 

Now on with the count:


1) So long February. Other than the year I was pregnant, you come and go too quickly. 
That year I was convinced you would go on forever and I would be pregnant for the duration.

2) We are gearing up to head back to Disney. 
 Epcot Flower Festival here I come. 
I have been informed by my husband that it will likely include a return visit to the fragrance department in the shop in Norway (where they just happen to carry MY favorite fragrance, "Laila" 
... and I guess his favorite fragrance "Geir" too).

3) Speaking of which - and I've mentioned it before - we will have a view (hopefully) of Magic Kingdom provided our room is not ground level, where we will have paid out the nose to see concrete. Fingers crossed.

4) The Valentine's Day flowers are still going full force. These (also bought on Valentines Day) have dried up nicely and are still provided a nice display in the kitchen.

5) A red barn that may or may not have been shared here before; one I took on a return trip home with the cell phone at the stop sign (translate: quickly) and edited with Topaz Impressions. 
 Also one that has been otherwise sitting on my computer desktop patiently waiting 
(probably for Nancy to come back).
(or to share on Allyson's Birthday)



  1. Nice... Happy Birthday to your daughter and I love that edit on the barn. :)

  2. These are beautiful images....a wonderful range of images!

  3. La multi ani, multa sanatate si fericire!:)

  4. La multi ani, multa sanatate si fericire!:)

  5. Happy birthday to your daughter!! Love that red barn. Have a great weekend, Nicki!

  6. Loved your comments, and a very happy birthday to your 22 year old. The red barn is great, and my Valentine flowers went out with the sad to see them droop.

  7. Happy Birthday to Allyson! I am nursing along a bouquet here - maybe I'll let them dry like yours which are still pretty. Have fun at Disney.

  8. Happy birthday Allyson!!
    How exciting to be escaping the cold north and head to Disney, again.

  9. Well a big Happy Birthday to Allyson. Sounds like you were more then ready for her to be born back then. It does seem as if Feb. has flown by but it's been a bit of a stressful month for me so I'm glad it's almost over.
    Have a wonderful time on your trip.
    Love your barn shot. It's really pretty.

  10. Happy Birthday to Allyson! Lovely images - the Valentine's, the roses and the barn!
    Enjoy the weekend, Nicki!

  11. Great random 5! Happy Birthday to Allyson, my heart swoons at red barns. Have an awesome trip!!

  12. Happy Birthday to your Daughter. Your photos here are wonderful. I always love to see your snaps.


  13. So glad this February is past...too gray and cold. Glad you can get away...and I am a real sucker for barns...very nice!