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Monday, March 16, 2015

Good.Random.Fun | vacation edition ...

the GOOD ...

Spicy Kazan Roll 
 In my humble opinion, the best part of dinner at California Grill at Disney.
Hands down.  I could have eaten all of this and called it a day.

 My husband's treat:

Turkey Burger at Cheesecake Factory when we got back to Columbus.

 the RANDOM ...

[not THAT girl!] 

 "uh excuse me, Mr. Grey, but ..." 

 the FUN ...

I enjoyed the Flower and Garden Festival 
and while I was expecting more floral and perhaps less emphasis on topiaries,
they were certainly fun. 


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  1. Nice presentation on the sushi! The topiaries are pretty fantastic, you have to admit. Good job!

  2. I've barely eaten in days but WHOA want that sushi!!

  3. I like the floral sushi. That orange bloom is stunning, and I agree that I would have preferred more flowers myself. Glad you had such a good time.

  4. It looks like you certainly have some fun and delicious memories of your trip.....I hope you have a wonderful week....

  5. I've not tried California Grill at Disney yet, but I will tuck that recommendation away for the next visit!

  6. I must be the only person alive who doesn't like sushi...or even California rolls. I've tried...Lord...I've tried...just can't do it. LOVE that flower.

  7. Looks like good, random fun on your trip! I have never tried sushi - it is certainly pretty, but I don't think it would go down too pretty! Lol! Those are some very amazing topiary!

  8. Yummy on the sushi. We don't have a CF in our little town, so if we go to the "big city", we tend to eat there - very consistent, just not very "local" if you know what I mean....
    Looks like a great time was had on vacation!

  9. That Sushi does look so yummy. Lots of great photos..