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Friday, March 13, 2015

random friday | wdw stuff ...

It is Friday, 
Friday the 13th to be exact, 
and I feel like it has been one of the longer weeks in a long time.  
We have been blessed with Spring upon returning from Florida, but our heat pump has voted it is Summer and will only pump in cool air (as in cold air). Guess that'll show us. I have barely had time between returning immediately to laundry and work to weed through my pictures ... still, 
I'll give random a shot.

1. Today starts Spring Break for my son. He has decided to go elsewhere to enjoy his time off. 
 Boo! Hiss!

2. We always do the art class at Hollywood Studios even though all that talent skipped my generation and went to the kids. This trip the character we drew was .... Donald Duck. 
 Oh Yea! 
 I have history with Donald and low and behold, guess who was waiting right outside the Imagineer Pavilion ... 
yep, Mr. D himself. 
 Good times. Good times.

3. It is telling when your spouse (non-caffeine addict) makes sure a visit to Starbucks is included on the schedule. 
 Every day. 
 A couple of evenings. 
 Wise choice!

4. I rode the Seven Dwarf Mine ride for the first time and it did not trigger my motion sickness one bit. I may or may not have resembled a giddy 6 year old getting off the ride and wanting to 'do it again'.

5. First time in 15 years of going to Magic Kingdom we had to walk through the staged zone before getting on the Peter Pan ride. Didn't even know this existed. 
(#spoiled with #fastpass) 

And here is a 'random' thrown in for bonus - most (as in nearly all) of my pictures this trip were taken with my cell-phone.  Apart from some room pictures of fireworks and the day at EPCOT for the Flower and Garden Festival, my DSLR didn't leave the room.
It was rather liberating.


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  1. Love Epcot the most of the Disney venues. Have a great weekend!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Disney is so much fun....

  3. Spring has to arrive eventually. I love Donald Duck and Disney. What fun you must have had! Giggled at the coffee sign .. too true!

  4. Looks like a fun trip! Leaving the camera behind is something I should do more often. I usually view the whole outing through the camera lens.

  5. Fun selecton of photos. - Yep I think as kids get older spending Spring Break with their parents just isn't a popular choice.
    Ah's been years but I'd love to go again someday.
    I want to see your Donald art work.
    I'm not sure about taking that ride. I don't handle roller-coasters very well but years ago I did survive the Matterhorn ride.

  6. I would love to go back to Disney again. I have only been once and that was back in the 80's. Looks and sounds like you had a marvelous time.

  7. So glad you had fun!! Love the coffee sign!

  8. Looks like you had a good time! I would have to have Starbucks included as well...or Dunkin' Donuts in our neck of the woods. Yes, it would be liberating going around without the DSLR, but I'm afraid I'm addicted to that as well. You did fine without it though so maybe there's hope for me.

  9. Happy (and lucky) Friday 13th to you! Looks like the Magic Kingdom was magical. A photographer is a photographer no matter what she's using to shoot - it's the eye that counts.

  10. The first shot made me smile. Great shot of Donald Duck and I have a friend who would love that coffee sign.

  11. Oh boy - the Seven Dwarfs Ride looks a bit high-speed for me! Love the Donald Duck image and the coffee sign :)
    Happy weekend to you, Nicki!

  12. I never leave home without my camera = I could never have done what you did!! Cell phone cameras are awesome these days, and much more convient to carry and use!!

    I have outgrown Disney, it's just too crowded and fast paced for me!! I'm glad you had a good time!!

  13. Love your number 3! :) Just got home from summer in the Caribbean to not very spring like NJ. There is still snow around :(