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Monday, April 27, 2015

Good.Random.Fun | never a dull moment ...

the GOOD ...

When you get what is probably an important message, but you can't get past the first line.

Needless-to-say, I am stalking the UPS tracker site.
Sure, that 3 am wake-up call to place the order was questionable,
especially when we realized we could have placed it at 10 am later that morning
and still had the same anticipated delivery.
But now - oh my, it was the right call!
The early bird gets the iWatch. 

 the RANDOM ...

Each Spring the Equipment Department at Marshall University holds a yard sale - think of it as the testosterone edition of Black Friday. There is anything from used practice football jerseys to new, unused coaches shirts - the selection can be somewhat random, but the prices are unquestionable  -- crazy low. (Nike athletic shorts = $5) I often hear people ask why they do it when they could easily post them on Ebay and make more money - but I think it is their way of showing the fans 'we appreciate your loyalty and dedication'.
(cause they totally missed the mark on that one with the football season ticket seat lottery)

 the FUN ...

Early last week while the phones, internet, and computers at work were 'down',
I took a brief (brisk) 10 minute walk down the street to snap some pictures of the tulips at the Capitol.  10 minutes of fun in an otherwise frustrating day.


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  1. How exciting to get the Apple watch!!
    The capital is gorgeous!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. When you get your watch PLEASE do a review for us! Would love to read your feedback.

  4. LOVE those tulips- too beautiful!

  5. Gorgeous, haven't seen any tulips outside of the store here.

  6. I love the picture with the tulips at the capital building. And what an interesting shopping adventure at the athletic discards.

  7. such a funny story, about the watch. i am still using iphone 4. change, for me, is a difficult thing!!! but with that said, i love peeps who are up to date and knowledgeable about all the newest gadgets!!! i follow, about 5 years later and i am ok with that!!!

  8. Beautiful pics.

    Love the sale at Marshall University. Cal had the a sale that had the same type of stuff at 75% off. I was able to get a nice polo and a Nike Cal shirt for $22.50.

  9. Love the photo of the Capitol with the tulips - capturing a beautiful, fleeting moment. Thank goodness for the occasional internet outage! I can't wait to see / hear what you think about the Watch. I think my hubby wants one...

  10. Lucky!!! I'll be super eager to hear your thoughts on it!

  11. I hope you enjoy your iWatch greatly. Can't wait to hear about it.

  12. Wow, I am impressed, those lovely tulips, mine are really slow to bloom.