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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

song*ography | automatic ...

If you had something to say 
You'd write it on a piece of paper 
Then you'd put a stamp on it 
And they'd get it three days later 

 Automatic | Miranda Lambert 

There is something to be said about getting paper mail, 
not having instantaneous 24/7 news,
the anticipation of waiting for and finally getting that phone call that makes your heart skip,
mentally taking 40 paces before telling someone what you think
rather than immediately slamming it out in BOLD UPPER CASE. 
(a cool off period will never go out of style)

Then again, there is something to be said for knowing your child can call you immediately if they encounter trouble,
or be able to see them as you talk with them when they are half way around the world.

In hindsight we'd like to think things were simpler in the good old days,
but if we're being honest, the reality was we were frustrated, 
less informed, 
and there were plenty enough other matters to keep us up at night. 

These too are the good old days.


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  1. I have a love/ hate relationship with the cell phone. And I was very touched by the paper greeting cards that came to my door for my birthday. I need to send cards more.

  2. I was thrilled to receive a thank you card from a friend a couple of weeks ago!!

  3. Speaking of mail, I received a thank you note from the people who are buying our house, as my hubby laid out all the flowers in the yard for them to see what to expect on a drawing.

  4. I am so news obsessed it's nice to not always be connected though!

  5. I agree with your sentiments about the paper mail and yet the instant contact if need be, and I am grateful for them both. I love your photo.

  6. These are awesome stamps. I love technology for its good purposes, but the negatives make me want to avoid it at times. I took most of the day off from technology yesterday and felt so lost this AM when catching up. But, it's good sometimes just to take a step back.

  7. What a joy to get a letter in the mailbox. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  8. Lovely perspective, but I still like the more simple times. I'd love to throw the cell phones out the window most days.

  9. The only good thing was that we didn't know any better, but I can't imagine surviving the last four years of college without the cell phone.

  10. Yes....these too are the good old days. Such a good thought to mull over!

  11. Ahhh, totally agree with your "take 40 paces before slamming someone" very, very true. There are certainly pros and cons to life amidst every generation. And I'm sure OUR parents were lamenting all the "advancements in technology" that WE were presented with in our youth too! Thanks for sharing at Song-ography. Sorry I'm so late in getting here to visit!

  12. I can not remember the last I got something in the post that was not a bill or a junk. Kinda sad really