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Monday, April 20, 2015

Good.Random.Fun | tradition ...

the GOOD ...

The Scream Tunnel at Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA for the Boston Marathon. 

 This year will be my daughter's last to be apart of this long standing tradition. I understand that the runners can hear this segment of their course long before they get to it, and it has been said to inspire them to dig deeper and push harder. I know that volunteering for the marathon has been an event my daughter has relished each of her years at Wellesley. 

 the RANDOM ...

[a style unlike any other - Dorothy Draper]

Despite how it appears, lavish stripes and flowers - there is nothing random about the decor at The Greenbrier. At first it catches you off guard, but before you realize it, you don't think twice about it. 

 the FUN ...

The Greenbrier - America's Resort

delicious food,
and a weekend away 
 - alway good fun. 


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  1. Very vivid colors in your post today. Such a fabulous place, no doubt!

  2. It's a soggy marathon day!
    Those are some amazing tulips!

  3. Yup - soggy is a good word for it! What a great memory to have from each of her years at Wellesley! I'm always amazed by your greenbriar pics - that shot of the tulips, blue sky and front of the resort is stunning!

  4. The Greenbrier looks so gorgeous!

  5. Your daughter is lucky to have experienced such tradition. I know the crowd support is a huge factor for runners and is greatly appreciated! The Greenbrier looks so lovely this time of year! I recall one of the restaurants there being cloaked in the most lovely shade of Aubergine, one of my favorite colors - gotta love that Dorothy Draper!

  6. All the years we've lived here, I've done my best to avoid all things having to do with THE Marathon. Of course, we live far enough away from Boston, that it's easy to do if you don't turn on the TV. But I have to admire someone who actually does such things. Too late for me now. lol. Wonderful Greenbriar pics. I just don't envy the worker who has to deal with all that wallpaper when the time comes to put up new.