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Thursday, April 9, 2015

little.things.thursday | déjà vu ...

When I was a freshman in college one of our treats at the end of the day was to walk a mile (probably less) to the 7-Eleven (don't tell my son) and enjoy a cup/cone of mint-chocolate chip ice-cream. It has been years (years!) since I enjoyed mint-chocolate chip ice-cream, but while at Disney I indulged one day and had some. 
 Déjà vu!
youth in a bowl.

"inside every older person is a younger person wondering WTH happened?"
[Cora Harvey Armstrong]
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  1. yum, ice cream, still a favorite!!! love the pic...and the memory!!!

    i have always related to that quote!! well, not always, but certainly recently ;)

  2. I reaaly don´t like that flavor but I agree that some foods take us back in time... and taht can change the whole world around us!

  3. Love mint chocolate chip ice cream. But my favorite stop is at the DQ to get a mini turtle pecan blizzard.

    1. Linda, I don't even allow myself to go to DQ these days. Worked there through high school (family owned) and know all the ins and outs of taking a simple treat and making it DefCon4 nauty (off the calorie charts).

  4. One of our favorite flavors! Especially the green kind. :)

  5. Looks very yummy! Very creative!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  6. Your 'youth in a bowl' made me smile.
    I went to Virginia Tech and we always walked to the other end of town for a Mister Misty - cherry.
    When you think about it we walked most of it off walking back!

  7. Should have been West Virginia Tech - my son went to Virginia.

  8. my kids love that type of ice cream!! Hope you are having fun!

  9. Sweet memories! One of my favorite flavors...Have fun!

  10. Mmmm one of my favourite ice-cream flavours of all time