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Friday, April 10, 2015

friday's.fences | paradox ...

Simple yet effective.
I would not want to stumble on my way in late one night; 
 "those are mighty sharp points you got there gate!"
How telling is it that it is located at a home outside the cemetery. 
(coincidence - I think maybe not)

Vestiges of offerings on the stone fence surrounding a cemetery in Salem.

The backside of Roger Conant's monument.
I found the curvature to be of visual interest,
my daughter was quick to point out that it was unintentional and likely caused by a car.
 I'd like to think it was an expression of creativity.

but based on his matter-of-fact expression and epitaph,
she is probably right.

Roger Conant 
First Settler of Salem 1626
Born 1592 - Died 1679 
"I was a means, through grace assisting me, to stop the fight of those few that then were here with me, and that by my utter denial to go away with them who would have gone either for England or mostly for Virginia." 


For a group of people that sailed across an ocean to enjoy (religious) freedom
- they sure were a stale and rigid bunch.
I gather Conant was disinclined to acquiesce to austere rules - both Puritan and British;
so while this city with its history of intolerance is famous for condemning people to death for "witchcraft",
it was founded by someone simply wanting to work and pursue his faith peacefully.


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  1. LOVE that gate, but i agree with you on the stumble factor! :) the offerings on the wall are interesting!

  2. The Puritans sure were interesting! Great shots of Salem.

  3. The gate is it to keep people in or out? Tom The Backroads Traveller

  4. Paradox indeed. They were a stern and unmoving bunch. But we New Englanders are a lot more fun these days....thankfully. Great pics of Salem. I thought that was the House of the Seven Gables in the first picture, but I guess not. Love the "creative" fence, but your daughter is most likely right.

  5. I love the pretty fence, and the tiny offerings and flowers on the stone fence!
    Yes, I agree that there's been to much blood shedding in the name of religion (and still is...)
    ... Let us hope that respect, love and tolerance would be the core values of the growing generation.

  6. Great fences for this post. And a very stern looking fellow.

  7. My goodness that was an interesting fence at the cemetery all bent like that. The statue sort of scared stern of a face.
    I agree those spikes on the other fence look a bit dangerous.

  8. I love cemeteries, so great to see ones from around the world.

  9. these are all fabulous niki.....i hope you continue to join in. the first images is fabulous!!!!!

  10. It sure seems very paradox to me, too. Love your pictures, especially the one with the wilted rose lying on the wall - beauty in decay.