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Thursday, April 2, 2015

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What did we do before smart phones?

I am as guilty as the next;
running into the brick curb at Disney while inching my way in line white simultaneously checking Twitter;
observing how everyone (except perhaps the fella with the newspaper) either had their ears plugged listening to music, thumbing out some message, or checking information possibly of little consequence, (maybe even all the above);
lamenting how much I would have enjoyed having one during my years
riding the subways when I lived in D.C. and Atlanta.

... oh, or using one to snap a picture of the scenery outside the window.

what did we do without them?

*footnote: snapping the people picture while on the subway mortified my daughter even though I did it on the down-low.
I really did - very stealthie-like.
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  1. It is amazing how the screens rule our worlds so much these days. Nice stealth skills!

  2. Yeah, I love taking photos of people with my phone! And it does allow the passage of time while waiting. I think we probably did more daydreaming "back in the day". Or maybe just more self reflection.

  3. I have a love/hate relationship. I can't imagine life without them, though I do wish we all could just put them down a bit more, look up, and live. I'm as guilty as anyone.

  4. Hey, everybody has one and most of us have used it to take a "street shot." We're out in public and we take our chances at being caught in someone cellphone picture or on a CCTV somewhere. Just don't pick your nose or do anything illegal and you don't need to worry about it. I like that shot on the train. A real slice of modern life.

  5. We can't handle stillness, potential boredom, even waiting in line at deli, the smartphone must come out. I need to get better at breaking this habit.

  6. been scolded by my youngest MANY times!

  7. ha! aren't we great embarrassment for our kids! like when did we go from being better than anyone to the worst most embarrassing person on the planet? I hate my cell phone, like despise it! I cringe when it rings!!