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Monday, May 18, 2015

Good.Random.Fun | cell edition ...

Lately the vast majority of my photography has been with my cell phone so it only stands to reason that it would start to take over my blog posts.
Here are a few cellies from the weekend:

the GOOD ...

It is official: 
Allyson has accepted employment in Japan and has semi received her assignment: Tokyo. 
This became a lot more 'real' this weekend when we booked my travel to visit with her in October.

 the RANDOM ...

On the corner of I64 and Greenbrier Street stood this reception desk
- I wonder if it was intended as a message?
Admittedly the latest road construction on the interstate has compounded an already highly traveled road, often creating a pseudo parking lot; but as road rage goes, this definitely makes a statement.

 the FUN ...

I first noticed this sign outside the McDonald's well over a month ago and with each passing remarked to my husband that in a world consumed with political correctness, this is pretty harsh.
"I bet the cook doesn't appreciate being called a cow." (me: LOL!, him: rolled eyes) 
 The ad commercials started this weekend announcing sirloin steak burgers; 
 but come-on, the sign is pretty clear:  There . is . a . cow . in . the . kitchen.


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  1. I'm so happy for Allyson! And, I'm not surprised that she would return. Totally get that. I look forward to seeing bits of your visit this fall!

  2. Yep, there is a cow in the kitchen, or rather pure beef, U.S.D.A. choice cow in the kitchen. But best of all is that seat message, too funny, and probably so true! Happy travels when you go in October, what an experience for you both!

  3. FYI...I'm ALREADY eager to see your Japan photos!

  4. How exciting to be in Tokyo! Even if there is an initial set up hassle!

  5. How fun to have an opportunity to work in a foreign country, and I understand is great of ex-pats. Whenever my daughter was stationed in a new place in the military, I'd go see her after a few months when she really knew her way around.Then I could have a guided tour!

    1. Linda - the great thing is that after a year studying in Tokyo, Allyson is already familiar with transportation and locations - so that is comforting to be sure.

  6. i rarely take pics with my phone, i almost always use my nikon...even though it is so bulky!!! good luck to your daughter, the opportunity of a lifetime!!!!

  7. LOL, I love the banter and rolling eyes over the cow sign.

  8. So exciting - I hope you'll come link up your photos (and good news) at

  9. Some excitement ahead for your family. Always enjoy your photos.