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Thursday, May 14, 2015

little.things.thursday | APB on my creativity ...

last seen --- too long ago to remember.

I have tried to take inspiration from Instagram, blogs, and Tumbler, but to no avail.
Merely taking pictures from trips has ceased to satisfy my creative urge.
I find it ho-hum.
I suspect the culmination of stress, frustration, and shortage of time (or energy, or drive) has sucked the patience I need to explore my inner creativity.
The whim to venture out and capture something or somewhere or someone and turn it into art.
I miss it.  I feel the void.  I think its absence compounds the stress, frustration and lack of enthusiasm.
Based on the number of blogs that are vacantly floating or taking sabbaticals, I suspect I am not alone in this boat.  Perhaps some time adrift will succeed where forcing the issue has failed.
Perhaps a date night with my camera can rekindle the spark.
perhaps ...

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  1. nicki, these are just beautiful! maybe a day of gardening might help...

  2. Oh, these are lovely! You will find it!!

  3. What a lovely job with the changing flowers, Nicki.

  4. Your post made me think...I have been feeling the same way and didn't even realize it. A date night with my camera...what a great idea. These photos are beautiful!

  5. These photos are gorgeous. I do know how it feels to lose that spark...photographer's block. When we moved here I felt like my creativity was gone for a while. Eventually it came back. It will for you too, in time which does not make it any easier to bear.

  6. Yeah, I went through a bit of a dry spell - felt like I was taking photos of the same thing and I was getting bored. Date night with the camera does sound like fun. I thought about getting together with other photogs, like a meetup, would help, too (but have not taken action on this...).
    Time off does help a bit - you will "feel it" again.

  7. This is a gorgeous shot! The creative doldrums are all part of the process, I believe. Sometimes a little break renews the enthusiasm. However, sometimes forcing yourself to just go will do the trick too. I totally understand. Getting my year wrapped up with school and upcoming activities is making it hard for me to really enjoy creativity right now.

  8. a date night with your camera seems like the perfect solution!!! your images are always special and gorgeous!!! i hope you become re-inspired but your images are always so creative to me!!!

    have a happy weekend!!!!

  9. Your thoughts does rekindle an echo in me... I need also a date-night with my big camera. Sometimes creativity needs a space - for me a mental space ... and lately things have been adding up at work, and thereby the mind has been occupied elsewhere ... and in the evening, a sort of "resetting" of mind is taking place. Someone has said, that an intentional break from photography / a week or two without taking a single shot, has helped in rekindling the light ... Well, what works for someone, may not be the thing for everyone. A big hug to you, Nicki - For me you are a master of the close-ups and of flower photography ... One day I wish I will learn to capture their beauty like you!

  10. I hear you loud and clear. I have bouts like that often. One of the reasons I've decided to challenge myself with the 52 Week thing and last year with the 365 project is to force myself to keep from getting down in the uncreative dumps. Sometimes it helps...sometimes not so much. But I must say, these dandelions pics are among the best I've ever seen of the humble flower. Great job!