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Saturday, June 13, 2015

baby it's hot ...

inside and out. 

We are (fingers crossed) two days away from getting the new air conditioner / heat pump installed. 
After weeks that included failed repairs and rollercoaster replacement estimates, this could not come soon enough.  Our ability to maximize the cool temps of night to help pull us through the hotter afternoons  has come to a screeching halt with Mother Nature dousing us with hotter than hot 24/7.
The window fans are waving the white flag of surrender as are the indoor cats.  
We humans can leave the house and find comfort elsewhere, 
the cats - not so much.   


  1. Oy! Hope the ac gets sorted out soon!!

  2. I do too..The kitty's face says it all :/

  3. I remember many very hot summers before we had air conditioning first as a kid, and then when I was pregnant with my first child. My husband bought me popsicles and I sat in front of the fan.

  4. Poor darlings. I hope you have cool air soon.

  5. oooooo no, poor fur babies, poor humans!! i could not live with a/c, i hope you're back in the "cool zone" soon!!!

  6. Now THAT is as forlorn looking face! Bless her heart. The humidity has been gawd awful here along with the heat. So I feel your pain. My AC is groaning along, and I've already had the repairman here once to put a bandaid on it. Sure hoping for another year out of the old unit! Stay as cool as ya can!