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Thursday, June 11, 2015

little.things.thursday | green monster ...

 Allyson made this little critter / container from a 3D copy machine while working at the library at school. When she texted me full of excitement at her creation, I pictured an origami*isk creation out of paper,
but this is plastic, textured, honeycombed, something you can firmly hold in your hand, capable of holding a small plant.
A solid, little green monster.
 A natural for her collection of anime animals and characters.

Larger than a coffee mug, smaller than a one of the cats. 
Perfectly 'her'.

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  1. Very cute...I still can't get that whole 3D printing in my head.

  2. My son in law printed a 3-D model of one of his best friends. A high school/college bud who now lives in California. Every so often mini-Chris pops up on his FB feed because he's on an adventure with my's hysterical. This past weekend Chris was in town with his five year old daughter - and I got a few pics of her "meeting" mini-dad....I'll have to do a post about this!!

    1. Now THAT would be super cool. Look forward to your post about it. Amazing technology.

  3. Wow! I wonder where these 3D things will go. I love the little guy.