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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

black.white.wednesday | embrace the journey ...

[trolling in Huntington, WV]

I made my way to Ritter Park Sunday morning to get some pictures of the rose garden before the rain.  Rain that never showed but all the same served the purpose of planting a boot to my rear to get out with my camera.  It has been a dry spell (photographically speaking).  Other than 'events' warranting some "good" pictures, THE camera has been parked, and I have instead relied on my cell phone to "capture the moment".
Lazy?  Uninspired? Unjustified?

On my way to the park I was tempted to venture to another local spot just to explore.
But I didn't.
I, like a trained animal, left point A, went directly to point B, circled wide afterwards, but promptly returned to point A.  Thinking to myself as I rigidly followed the dots how much I envy those who throw practicality to the wind and take that left turn to the unknown.
Camera in hand, ready to capture to journey, less concern with the destination.


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