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Thursday, June 25, 2015

little.things.thursday | garden visit ...

I was concerned that my timing was off.

Perhaps I would be visiting the garden too soon, or possibly too late.

Hopeful I would find a few flowers 'ripe' for photographing.

Ultimately, as with all things, it depended on how you look at it.

Whether just budding, fully bloomed, or near death - all were beautiful in their own right.
Upon arriving at the garden it was empty except for two young ladies walking around, smelling the flowers, and taking selfies.  They seemed to be having a good time and enjoying the morning, so I walked to a distant corner to give them their space and where I could go about my business of photographing flowers.  As we each gradually worked our way towards the center, one called over to me.  My first guess was "you've got a big camera, so (of course) you must know how to take professional pictures with a cell phone".   I was wrong.  The blond wondered what I would think if they cut a few flowers.  They quickly assured me that it would only be from bushes with multiple blooms and that they would only take a few.  I appreciated that they even bothered to ask, but I was in no position to either grant or deny them permission to cut flowers.  Personally,  I explained, I wouldn't because the garden is for the public to admire and if everyone who visited left with a few flowers, eventually there would be no flowers left to enjoy.  The brunette went on to explain that they wanted the flowers for a few the women at the Women's Shelter.  With it being Father's Day, many of the women at the shelter were pretty down, women who had suffered abuse at the hands of their father. Having had the good fortune to be raised by a loving and amazing man and then to be married to one who treats me wonderfully as well as our children, I had not considered how the day would feel to those less fortunate.  I told them that if done correctly, clipping flowers is a way to help foster new growth.  I could not give them permission to take flowers, but it was not my place to tell them they couldn't.  I wished them a good day and went about my business as they carefully went about their business scouting for flowers in need of pruning, careful to leave plenty for the next visitor.

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  1. What a wonderful post. Father's day can be hard for me - but I loved your analogy.

  2. I can certainly feel their plight and desire to bless. Father's Day is painful for many, sadly. Gorgeous shots all told!

  3. beautiful images. with many (MANY) absent fathers in South Africa, it must indeed be a sad day to many.

  4. Just left me speechless...Beautiful doesn't seem enough to say for these photos. Have a grand day!

  5. I love the encounters I have while wandering. It's always astounding what I learn and become sensitive to from simple and impromptu interractions like these. Lovely.

  6. A lovely story and the blooms in all stages are exquisite.

  7. That third photo with the coral colored rose is spectacular! I think that one was just right for photographing. But you are right, they are all beautiful!

  8. If only everyone would see there is beauty in every stage of life. Lessons from a flower :)

  9. it matters not...they are glorious at every stage!!! such a beautiful story, with such a surprising ending. one that made me smile!!! have a wonderful weekend!!

  10. What a lovely story. I hope the flowers cheered the ladies at the shelter. And you have many beautiful images of those wonderful roses.