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Monday, June 29, 2015

Good.Random.Fun | artfully ...

the GOOD ...

summer's bounty

the RANDOM ...

catching a bee at work
(perhaps not so random)

the FUN ...

inspired by others to look for leading lines

and spend some time outside.

This week I'll get plenty of time outside at the Greenbrier Classic PGA Golf Tournament.
Blog posts may be sparse, but I am excited to explore with my camera,
oh, and watch golf.


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  1. I love the effect on these - the leading lines, so perfect!

  2. Busy little bees! Lovely finds, and I really like the processing. Have a great week, Nicki!

  3. hi nicki, i love the beautiful edits on theses images. the textures jump right out at you!! nature is exploding right now, it is a wonderful times to be outdoors!!!

  4. Great shots. Where does that pathway lead?

    1. down some stairs, across a couple stone bridges and into another part of the park.

  5. Beautiful! I've been shooting leading lines a bit too - enjoying paisleyrainboots on IG! So far I have a few I like and one absolute fave! Yours makes me want to jump right into the pic!

  6. Lovely leading lines, and I love bumble bees.

  7. Beautiful floral shots and I love the sweet, fuzzy little bee.