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Monday, June 22, 2015

Good.Random.Fun | stragglers ...

the GOOD ...

Among the weeds around the pool area a/k/a the kitten farm a/k/a jungle
(translation: area normally groomed early in the spring, but thus far untouched)
some of the day lilies have bloomed. 

 the RANDOM ...

This plant and I have too much in common:
at our wits end
exhausted from the heat
and can't do a thang with our hair

 the FUN ...

Fun is when you zoom in on a picture of a gawd-awful 5 foot tall weed and discovery the wonderful details. 


 [click below to check-out other going on over at Random-osity] 



  1. Lilies have always been a favorite part of summer! (And, even the weeds are lovely.)

  2. I just love day lilies. That frazzles plant is so cool looking!

  3. the day lilies are gorgeous but I really love the last 2 images! fantastic!

  4. My favorite image is frazzled-and how well I know about the hair. We have had heat advisories for two weeks now but this week it lasts until 7 p.m., not 6. One day the temp was 89 but the heat index was 107. That weed does have great details and I am a fan of day lilies too.

  5. Oh that is fun! Love the Random selection.

  6. That second "random" thing is so interesting! Very nice shots!

  7. Lovely flowers ~ especially the 'random' caught my eyes ... The form and the color ... So beautiful!

  8. LOL, yes gotta love those macros of weeds. I totally understand what you mean. Great shots!

  9. Interesting series!
    Congrats, Nicki!

  10. Lovely flower photos! But then that's what we expect from you.