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Thursday, June 18, 2015

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This is happening in just a couple weeks.

Attending the Greenbrier Classic PGA Tournament has become an annual tradition for me and my husband.
He volunteers.
I walk the course, snap pictures, and if the autograph gods are smiling, score him a signature or two.

It is one of the last professional sporting events where you can be so close to the 'action' without spending major bucks.  The local tournament has afforded us the opportunity to see a few big name golfers and a good many "they might not be Tiger Woods, but they ARE playing golf for a living" players.  Even more, the opportunity to see up and coming stars, like this nice young man who my husband pointed out several years back and said "he is the one to watch".  Several tournament wins and a green jacket later - I'd say my husband was spot on. 
If you are ever in a position where you can take in at least one day of seeing a professional golf tournament (men or womens) - do it.  You will never look at this sport the same way again.
And how many other sporting events can you be a spectator
and also get in your exercise/step quota for the day?

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  1. I am totally not a golf enthusiast BUT...would totally love to wander Greenbriar and the course with my camera! Enjoy, and can't wait to see what you and your camera come up with :)

  2. I'd love to have a chance to see Tiger in person on the golf course. I'm hoping he has a better tournament this week.

    1. Linda - TIger is going to be at the Greenbrier this year - cool!

  3. I may not be into golf (does mini golf count!) I love the idea of being up close to the action!!

  4. How fun! My in-laws are major enthusiasts and play several times a week. They would be in heaven.

  5. i am not a golf lover but any pretty place where i can take pictures is awesome in my book!! and it's fun that you can do this with your hubby!!!!!