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Thursday, July 9, 2015

little.things.thursday | once was ...

The Honorable Gaston Caperton 

 I went to his Inaugural Ball. 
 Long, long ago. 
Formal dresses, flowers, live musicians in every (or nearly every) room. 
Invitation Only! 
It was a big deal.

Hey, Mr. Caperton, do you remember? 

It was so strange to see him, the FORMER Governor of West Virginia, out and about with no apparent, or even subtly hidden security. I remember the heydays when he was surrounded by security, fame seekers, security, brown-nosers, security, political yahoos, security.

And me, a nobody, so young I didn't even contemplate keeping the invitation as a keepsake. 
I guess some things are better let go of in order to move on. 
 Invitations and apparently security. 

but awe, the memories of what once was ...

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  1. How great to see him out on the course - and to be at the ball -- wow!!

  2. Awww...that is so cool! (Past and present!)

  3. I'm sure this man is glad to have his life back. Notoriety is not necessarily a good thing!

    1. Linda - you are absolutely right. I would tire quickly of all that comes with the fame and hoopla.

  4. I bet he is so relieved just to be doing the normal life! But how cool that you remember what once was!

  5. Enjoyable photos. One can see he is enjoying himself! Well done! Cathy

  6. It's all right! Fame and beauty can fade over a night! Hold on to the things that keep its value over time:):)

  7. That must have been quite an event! He looks pretty relaxed now - being out of the limelight probably helps! (Although, I'm not sure I would find all these people watching me play golf would allow me to relax!)

  8. How interesting. I think we're all like that. Things happen that we think are no big deal until we have some perspective years later.