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Monday, July 13, 2015

Good.Random.Fun | ...

I had one day with the camera at the golf tournament 
- here is some of what I walked away with:

 the GOOD ...

Love seeing golfer and caddy still having a good time.

 the RANDOM ....

Golf is to men what the Kentucky Derby is to women
- that occasion where you can throw style caution to the wind, and anything goes. 

 the FUN ...

Lee Trevino - retired professional golfer, new Golf Pro Emeritus at the Greenbrier. 
 He has long been a favorite as much for his sheer enjoyment of the game as his skill. 
 This man knows how to have fun (and a thing or two about golf).


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  1. Not sure even many of the golfers would wear such an outlandish hat, but thanks for sharing the golf pictures.

  2. Love the first image. Really captures the moment!

  3. The orange hat is a riot...a keeper.

  4. I remember watching Lee Travino play - my dad's seen him live several times....he and I used to really enjoy watching him together! One of the gentlemen I've met at my pond - a fellow swan photog - brings in some retirement income by photographing golf tournaments! He really enjoys it - except when it's blistering hot!

  5. Love the hat on that dude. Nice batch of pics.

  6. Some great captures here, what a great time with your camera.

  7. I remember my dad watching golf on the weekends...Lee Travino...Arnold Palmer...thanks for the memories Nicki