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Friday, May 24, 2013

slow down and smell the flowers ...

 Floral Love

Remember when you were young and school years seemed like a life time.
Summers went on for an eternity, to the point you actually resorted to laying on the ground, 
looking at the clouds or stars to pass the time.

As an adult, Fridays get here faster with each passing week.
Summers are becoming more and more like Spring and Fall - fleeting.
Laying on the ground would only lead people to believe you've fallen and can't get up.
And more often than not, you only glance to the sky for a weather forecast.

* * *

Today starts Summer Break.
My now Senior in High School son's break will include required reading assignments, practice driving, college entrance exams, yearbook ad sales, hopefully a job at the mall, yard chores,
and if lucky, loads of memorable outings with his friends.

A break where my daughter is officially a Junior in college with all of her energy aimed towards the future, hopefully a job and successfully getting to Japan.
{I'm sure there is another costume convention in there somewhere.}

Despite the fact that school starts earlier and earlier each year, I suspect that Summers Breaks have become shorter because we have loaded them with endless expectations.

In all that cRazY - I vote we take a moment to daydream,


a moment to be entertained by our surroundings,


a moment to slow down and smell the flowers.


  1. You are so right about summers breezing by and I agree with your assessment that we just tend to fill them up so much fuller than we used to. But I am glad to have a few moments to savor your beautiful flowers!

  2. I agree - I try to live each day enjoying just what is going on right at the moment - and I find that in doing so - the days seem to be longer - and the week fuller. When we are constantly "looking to the future" we mis-spend our days - wishing them gone, rather that filling them with the joy of the moment.

  3. I so agree..we need to slow down and enjoy life..and smell the flowers while doing so..great photo's..

  4. I really really needed this! This beauty and wise words!
    Makes me so happy to get to visit all Floral Love participants. Thanks for your flowers ♥

  5. I'm following your thoughts - both about how time flies, and on the other hand how we our selves are sometimes "speeding" the process with our expectations... beautiful flowers, I love your processing and last touch of them!

  6. Time flies...I'm now in my 11th year of retirement! I don't know where the years went. These images of yours are so beautiful.

  7. Lovely shots and true thoughts.

  8. Love the bit about people think you've fallen and can't get up if you are seen lying on the ground! Great PP on these, Nicki. Enjoy what little summer there is with the kids.

  9. Love your post and totally agree with you. Will try to gaze the clouds today (well not laying on the grass, because it's so wet...). Your photos are beautiful as always.

  10. I was watching (and snorting loudly) the Louis C.K. special on HBO last night and he nailed it in regards to how lucky we are just to be alive on this planet with so much beauty around. The rest is just bonus.

  11. Oh, I just LOVE that second pic!

  12. Gorgeous images. Hope you'd find time to visit my Ixora.

  13. Oh that second one Nicki! Wonderful comp and processing too, gorgeous colours :)

  14. Your photography is beautiful.