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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Resolutions . . .

The rituals of beginning a new year:

putting away every evidence of living flamboyant like Liberace;
the end to staying up way past our bed time;
watching the Rose Parade (best parade EVER - on my bucket list of "must go see");
figuring out how to fit cabbage into the meal plan for January 1st;
and making resolutions.

{Putting away the ornaments I glanced over and noticed this group and it struck me that they were bidding each other farewell until next year. and yes, I do need to get out more!}


Many people make a big to-do about whether or not they are going to make a New Years resolution and I guess on some level I wonder why I make resolutions myself. While I've never heard of the NYE Resolution Patrol coming to arrest you if you failed to achieve the goal, I wonder sometimes if I would be more content if I forewent this ritual. To be completely honest, I make a resolution on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. I resolve to not eat sweets. I promise myself I will make the effort to get in a walk. I am going to clean out the garage if its the last thing I do. Admittedly I have varying degrees of success - and yet I still make them. My thought is that a resolution is my way of trying to improve my life - and to stop doing that would be an even bigger failure than not losing the weight. This year my big resolution is to look for the good in situations, think positive, and its okay to be "content". I can do that. See, I'm being optimistic already.

Speaking of content (or lack there of), Ike was not happy with the removal of "his tree". At one point his paws reached up through the branches, grabbing on as if to say - "no, mine!" What will he torture us with now?

I am confident he will figure out something.


  1. Oh my gosh, that last picture is too much! haha! I like your way of thinking, and content is a great word. :)

  2. Your cat is too cute! I like the ornaments biding each other farewell also....

    I agree that most times declaring resolutions is just setting oneself up for failure, at least that's the case for me.

    Last year I choose something that I had been really struggling with (in fact I failed at it the year before) and it stuck. I'm hoping that this year will continue with the positive outcome.

  3. Content is good! I love your post, happy new year! We live pretty close to Pasadena and have never made it to the parade. I think that's something we're going to try to do next year. Not a resolution per se, but something we'll try to do ; ).

  4. Love that first picture of your cat! I've gotten a few cute ones of Mia under the tree too this year. I love your post, too. New beginnings are always so wonderful!

  5. Love the cat photos!

  6. that last photo cracked me UP!

  7. Great post. I always find I stay up late in the new year too. It is 1am here and doesn't look like I will be asleep anytime soon! I laughed out loud at your comment on the ornaments saying goodbye!
    Thanks for the comment on my post! The leggings really are weirdly... awesome!

  8. I hate the end of the holiday season when everything has to get put away. What a cute kitty shot.

  9. I make resolutions every year. Sometimes they work, sometimes not lol. The pics of your kitty are hilarious! I can't believe even after he begged you still took the tree down!!!

  10. Oh my gosh that is TOO cute!!!!!!! I'm with Krystle, surely you had to let him keep it!?!?!? I'm sort of lukewarm on resolutions myself. I tend to make one last more than a year...

  11. Love your comments and your pictures. The ornaments bidding each other farewell are so cute. Love that first shot with the reflections, also. Hope your kitty finds something else to amuse himself now that the tree is down!

  12. I love love love that first shot with the reflections and the ornaments!!

  13. I so agree with you that resolutions are a way to improve our lives!! I have so many - but it's a small victory when I achieve one of them!! :) - and love your cat - he is adorable!

  14. WOW those are awesome! I love that last pic.

  15. I love the Ike updates! Very nice reflections in your first photo, and reflections in your writing! I don't know. . . I have a secret resolution. . . and one of these days I'm going to have to say it outloud to make it more real that I'll actually do it. But maybe I'll wait and see if there really ARE Resolution Swat Teams that'll come for us first! Happy New Year, Nicki, and I'm so glad you have been a wonderful POTD friend.