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Thursday, July 5, 2012

a hundred gazillion degrees ...

let me make this perfectly clear.

 I do NOT handle heat well. 

cold I can deal with, but excessive heat and humidity are my Achilles tendon, my kryptonite.  
You would think that after countless trips to Disney in some of Florida's hottest summers, my kids would be aware of this; yet as I melted before their very eyes they were astonished, even surprised.

but enough about the heat
more about why yesterday was the highlight of the Greenbrier Classic for me.


you can take pictures during the practice rounds, the only days cameras (sans cases) are allowed.
(don't even get me started on the no camera case rule)

 'Old White'
The Greenbrier Resort, White Sulphur Springs, WV

 and the golf club

but I wasn't there to take pictures of the hotel or club house/restaurant

it was all about the players
(just to name a few:)

~ Tiger Woods ~ 

~ Dustin Johnson ~ 

~ Vijay Singh ~ 

~ Tom Watson ~ 

they make it look so effortless. 
barely breaking a sweat. 

 my son made a very astute observation yesterday. 
The very rich apparently do not sweat. 

 or if they do, they disguise it well.


  1. I'm with you about the heat. I hate it and it gets worse the older I get. Love your Greenbrier pictures--one of these days I would love to visit there.

  2. Lol about your son's observation. I don't just sweat in the heat, I {{{{melt}}}} and it's not pretty. It has been much too hot lately. 'Hope you had a nice Fourth, Nicki.

  3. All of these are so very nice. I love the tee shot. I hate the no camera rule especially because we spend a lot of time around golf. I get to shoot some pretty cool golf courses etc but sometimes I can't share what I shoot. So your shot of Tom Watson is good. I have to tell you what my sons did to him. My children are so bad the last time we were with Tom they were teasing him and making him do gang signs(no my kids are not in gangs) and whats up kind of signs and taking pitures of him. He is a good sport and played around with them. Did you know Tom loves photography? He has some pretty good equipment to.

    1. I did not know that about Tom Watson - we 'happened' upon the group with him in it on our way to the alumni tent/center and I was pretty happy to have gotten the opportunity to snap a few shots.

  4. What great shots of the club and the the golf tees, very clever. And I hear you about the temps, it is HOT here too. Love the no sweat comment by your son.

  5. Oh my gosh, that is so insanely awesome Nicki!! Love the photos!! And I agree with you on the heat, 80-85 is about my max, good think I live in Alaska, otherwise this Eskimo might melt! :)

  6. Love the shot of Vijay - I always enjoy watching him on t.v. And me and my boys sweat like pigs, so we must not be among the very rich (although I think I had a clue of that fact without reference to the sweating thing).

  7. So lucky! I am not a fan of golf - but would love to see some professionals play!

  8. Omg!!! My mom would love these!! She's HuGE into golf- always has been. She's like a little kid going to Disneyland when the masters play!!! Great post-great pics.

  9. The rich, especially the women, do NOT sweat. They get dewy. HA! LOVE love the golf tee sculpture. That is so clever. Is it there all the time? Lucky you to have attended this tourney. There is nothing like watching the pros--and yes, they do make it seem effortless.