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Monday, February 9, 2015

Good.Random.Fun | hoops edition ...

the GOOD ...

While running errands with our son on Saturday we ran into a friend who asked
"hey, do you want tickets to tonight's game?" 
Like REALLY.GOOD tickets! 
Unlike football, we don't have season tickets to the basketball games so it is generally come-what-may when we decide to go. One time we managed to score box seats (equipped with complimentary drinks) - but floor seats - well that is a whole different level of "good".

 the RANDOM ...

Apparently the longest basketball shot in NCAA history was made from this spot. There are green footprints on the floor to commemorate it. This former MU basketball star attempted to recreate the shot. (hit the backboard - not bad - but not a basket!) 

 the FUN ...

Miley's in the house - so ya know there's going to be some fun. 


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  1. How cool to get such great tickets!! Being able to hit the backboard is still pretty impressive!

  2. Fun post for this Monday morning.

  3. That is very cool. Is that Marshall University?

  4. Funny, beautiful photos, the intensity of the party!

  5. Ooooh - floor seats! Can't imagine. I never even saw my son's basketball games from that angle!

  6. Well, that was fortuitous! And awesome!

  7. Very cool! Miley? - too funny
    I am proud to say I have a nephew who will graduate from Marshall this year.

  8. it looks like you had great seats!! i am not a huge fan of basketball but i do love that it is an indoor sport/climate controlled. my kids always played baseball and soccer so we froze and got rained on....and snowed on!!!

  9. Ohhhh-those are done good seats!!! I just entered a contest for floor ticket to a Laker game-dinner-meet and greet and car service to and from the game! Please pick me!!!

    1. Good luck - you never know. I've had seats close at an NBA game (back in the day) - but never on the floor. It was fun - more than I expected.

  10. It feels like you are IN the game, right?! Makes for fun times. And great photos :)