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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

song*ography | i can see clearly now ...

I Can See Clearly Now 
Jimmy Cliff 

 I can see clearly now the rain is gone. 
I can see all obstacles in my way. 
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind. 
It's gonna be a
sunshiny day. 

What a difference a few miles makes -
from the frost on the car windows when I started out,
to the warm embrace of a sunshiny day.

I embarked on a visit with with one child in need of focus and guidance while at the same time providing long-distance breathe coaching to another embarking on a first real job interview.
Don't talk to me about multitasking - I'm a mom.  It's what we do.  It's who we are.
In my years I've realized that there is no such thing as stability,
merely periods of static chaos which we affectionately refer to as "calm".
Embrace them.
There is a saying (or part of a saying) "don't pray when it rains if you don't pray when the sun shines."
Nar a day goes by that I don't raise a silent prayer.
Rain or shine.

the temporary nature of existence
is that this too shall pass
(thank God!)



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  1. Beautiful pictures. I love the patterns in the frost covered window. How did the interview go?

    1. Thank you. She was excited and pleased with the interview.

  2. Gorgeous pictures!
    Hope Allyson is doing ok! I am one more foot away from really losing it. As long as I can get to Oregon Friday night!

  3. Wow, what a beautiful capture of the patterns in the frost on your car window!

  4. It is a bright, bright sunshiny day today in Texas as well. Have a good one, Nicki!

  5. What a beautiful country road! I'm with you on the calm verses chaos thing. I guess it isn't a verses thing, it's just chaos in varying degrees. Glad you can still be a support to your babies!

  6. Ahhh blue skies... I hope we get some here soon


  7. Always love your perspective on continue to humor me with your thoughts!!

  8. Enjoy those blue skies my friend. Great shots.


  9. Love the blue sky, thought you might like this quote...I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life.

    Abraham Lincoln

  10. You always have such a way with your words (and thank you for your comment today)....periods of static chaos....yes! lol

    And oh my, we were in a parallel universe today with your saying and the quote I shared (do you hear the twightlight music playing, haha) :)

    1. I thought the same when I read your post - and yes, I hear the music! lol!

  11. Nicki, Nicki, Nicki....YOWZA! That first shot is a superb composition of so many elements which under your eye are downright beautiful. It is the perfect accompaniment to the lyric. Thanks for linking up to Song-ography.

  12. I can only imagine those calms in between... then again, I've got a pretty good imagination.

    That first picture is wonderful. I always wanted to shoot frosted windows, but got lucky enough not to have any ;)

  13. Love this post, from the pictures to the very good observations of life.

    Teresa @ Eden Hills