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Monday, March 23, 2015

Good.Random.Fun | Boston bound ...

the GOOD ...

I am Boston bound to spend some of Spring Break with my daughter at Wellesley. 
 Some girl time can be good for the soul, mind, and body;
however, going north after the gawd awful winter we've had
just when temps are becoming reasonable 
is questionable! 

 the RANDOM ...

Some of the time while I'm there she will still be working at the library 
which means I'll be out taking pictures of these ...

which is no longer random - so I'm on a mission to discover a new perspective or composition. 

 the FUN ...

Some time in Boston.
Some time in Salem.
Some time at the Natick Mall.
 Can't wait. 


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  1. No way!! If you have any time I would love to meet! And yes, dress warmly!

  2. Would love to come to you for an early morning coffee - I don't work until 10. Shoot me an email -

  3. I love that area. Hubby and I ate at a fun restaurant on the Harbor in Boston and had a lovely time there. I really like your first picture and the perspective of looking through the arches.

  4. Safe travels! Can't wait to see what you photograph! I love Boston :)

  5. These are great Nicki! Love the shoot through of the arches in the first!

  6. Wishing you a safe journey and loads of fun together.

  7. Such a beautiful city. Hope you took boots!

  8. Have a great time and hopefully Spring will stick around now.

  9. How fun.. How lots of fun will be had. Such amazing shots.


  10. A week late, but I had to share that I spent many a Friday evening at the Natick Mall during my teen years. I know they tore down the old one and built a much better version in its place, but just the term "Natick Mall" brings back memories! Looks like you had a great time visiting MA.