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Friday, March 20, 2015

spring at last, spring at last ...

thank God, it's spring at last!


  1. haha, maybe in name only!! 10 degrees with the wind here this am!
    But thank you for sharing color, I forgot what flowers are!

  2. I do love tulips!! I hope ours still make a showing from out under the snow :-)

  3. I can see that many are very happy to see spring coming. We are expecting a spring rain here in Texas today and tomorrow....hope the prediction is correct!

  4. LOL. In name only is it spring. At least in Massachusetts. Snowing pretty good right now. Still, those tulips say everything that needs to be said about spring. Beautiful!

  5. These are gorgeous. And we are shoveling out of another 6 inches...but at least it's warm enough outside to play in it!